A Bit About Daisy

San Francisco, Bay Area

I discovered a passion for photography at a young age. From the beginning, I recognized the potential of the medium as a tool to see past the surface of the world around me. I came to the Bay Area 20 years ago to earn my BFA in fine art photography at the California College of Arts and Crafts in Oakland. I fell in love with the Bay Area art scene, drawn to the the bizarre and unusual beauty I discovered here. I work professionally as a portrait and event photographer and I always make time for my art.

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"Daisy is wonderful to work with, has great attention to detail, and works hard to accommodate specific asks."



“It is the spectator, and not life, that art really mirrors.” 

-Oscar Wilde 

I made a book!

I spent the last five years immersed within an SF Bay Area circus community, photographing performers and crewmembers on and off the stage. In that time I developed a body of work that explores what it really means to run away with the circus. Presented with the unique opportunity of stepping behind the curtain, I found myself amongst a wonderful array of artists and performers who graciously let drop the ribbons and paint so that I could see them there before me, living and breathing. They are a family in every sense of the word, bound not only by their passion and dedication, but also by their love and deep respect for each other as creators.