A few years ago, I reached out to local circus group Vau De Vire Society to see about photographing them. I was drawn to the excitement of the show and unimaginable feats but as I’ve gotten to know the artists and crew, I have had a glimpse past the flashy curtain, revealing the raw emotion and grit that lives in between. I am deeply moved by the strength, passion and bravery in pursuing a career in Circus. They are a family of hard working, driven people that push the boundaries of their bodies and spirit every day. My photographs tell a story of human perseverance, emotion and beauty. I am focused on contrasting the superhuman acts with the real people behind them. My goal is to publish this body of work by 2021. The book will incorporate photographs of performances and intimate moments that happen behind the scenes. There will be tales from the performers woven into the imagery throughout. Check out my website and social media to see more of this work.

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