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As an artist, my deepest ambition is to bring more joy and beauty into the world. I love that moment when I see someone open up and reveal themselves in front of my camera. The process of photographing, for me, is very much a collaboration between myself and the person being photographed, with each of us contributing, working together to bring our collective vision to life. I love the challenge of taking a rough idea and shaping and polishing it into something special. It's all about the details. I enjoy scouting unique locations and scouring flea markets and antique malls for the perfect props. I build sets and paint backdrops. My hands are involved in every part of the process and I relish every minute of it.   

My passion for photography, design and vintage style has evolved into my popular event portrait booth called Memento Moda. It brings me so much joy to see people transform from shy & self-conscious to playful (and sometimes sassy) while interacting in the booth with my vintage and custom crafted props. 

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