PORTRAITS - Daisy Rose Coby




I approach headshot photo shoots with the goal of making you look confident and relaxed so as to give people a sense of your unique self. Whether you are looking for a refined studio look or a more relaxed, in the field look, I can give you a photo that will stand out from the rest. ASK ME about my Pop Up Headshot Parties.


Photographing couples is a really enjoyable experience. I love that moment when I see a couple begin to relax and reveal themselves. I am committed to making sure that you and your partner are at ease so that you can feel like yourselves. This really shows in your photographs and my ultimate goal is to capture the magic that is your love.


Something that has always drawn me to photography is it idea of freezing a moment in time. Remember when you were a kid and a summer seemed to stretch out a lifetime? It seems like every year gets faster and faster and I strive to slow down that clock and be in the moment. Being around children is a perfect way to do just that, which is why I love photographing them. My aim, as a photographer, is to catch a glimpse into their world and capture that for you to have to cherish for the years to come.


Much of my  work  is influenced by the art of Pinup and Cabaret from the 20's through the 50's and this shows through my creative shoots. I like to style my sets to every last detail so that the images have a beautiful timeless, classic appeal right in camera with minimal post production. Some of my favorite photo shoots are collaborations with artists and creative types where we can create stunning images that are fun and unique.  Whether you are a seasoned performer or just want to look fabulous, I would love to photograph you.


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