My moon booth consists of a six foot crescent moon on a bench with starry backdrop and  painted clouds below. Props are art deco themed including by not limited to: vintage hats, canes, jewelry, telephone, opera glasses, vanity accessories, and instruments. ASK ME about customizations for set to fit your event. This set up requires a minimum of 10 square feet and can be set up at any location, inside or outdoors. I built my moon with wood, cloth, paste and paint. She is sturdy enough to hold up to 3 people. I require an hour for set up and another for take down.  I book events with a minimum of 3 hours of shooting time.  

Pricing and availability, click here

History of the "Paper Moon"

Not long after the invention of photography in the mid 19th century, tourists began documenting their travels with souvenir photo portraits. Photo studios were popular attractions at state fairs, arcades, and carnivals. The "Paper Moon" booth quickly became a favorite. No one knows its exact origin but the multitude of Paper Moon photos still around today attests to the popularity of the subject matter between the 1870's and the 1940's.

What draws me the most to these images, are the way the people interact playfully. In early 20th Century photography, sitters often appeared reserved or pensive, but in the Paper Moon photographs, people appear relaxed and at times, downright silly interacting with the man on the moon. 

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